Zinc During Pregnancy

A lot of women are asking why they need zinc during pregnancy. This is a mineral used in the repair, the production and the functioning of DNA.

As a result having enough zinc is important to rapid cell growth that takes place during pregnancy. In the same time the mineral also supports the immune system, it maintains the sense of smell and taste and it supports the healing of wounds.

The truth is that cases of zinc deficiency are rare. According to the studies, a deficiency could lead to toxemia, low birth weight, miscarriage and other complications.

How much do you need?

In order to have enough zinc while being pregnant women should have 11 mg per day. You don’t really need this zinc intake on a daily basis.

Instead you should aim for it as an average of a few days or a week. If you would like to know where you can get zinc from, you should consider red meat and fortified cereals.

In the same time the mineral can also be found in poultry, shellfish, nuts, beans, dairy products and whole grains. If you are looking for the richest source, then you have to think about oysters.

One oyster has enough zinc for a day. However you shouldn’t have any raw oysters during pregnancy.

When it comes to having zinc when being pregnant, you should also know that it is possible for oysters to contain mercury. If you don’t get enough zinc from your diet, for sure your prenatal vitamins provide you with enough minerals and nutrients.

The women who eat meat usually have enough zinc. However you should consider that zinc from plant sources is more difficult to absorb so if you have a vegan or vegetarian diet you may have a hard time getting the zinc you need.


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