Zumba During Pregnancy

Although Zumba seems to be strenuous and intensive, it works surprisingly well for pregnant women. The women doing Zumba during pregnancy say that they have enough energy to fight fatigue.

If you are wondering whether you could perform this aerobic dance, the answer is given by your body. You shouldn’t start dancing during your pregnancy if you aren’t fit to start with it.

However, you could continue it if it feels right. Probably the baby would enjoy the movement too.

Being active is a good idea

In the past the specialists suggested pregnant women not to have a higher heart rate than 140 when exercising. Since then the limit has been revised and women could have Zumba while being pregnant.

Now it is said that pregnant women could have 30 minutes of workout on daily basis without any heart rate limits. Although working out seems to be healthy, you should still discuss it with your health care provider.

This is especially important in case of women with a history of high blood pressure, diabetes and preterm labor. Remember that you know yourself the best.

Care to take

In order to avoid injuries from a fall you should use your ab muscles to maintain an upright position. During the last three months it is best to tone down leaping and jumping.

In the last weeks you should do only low intensity dancing. We also have to add that not all women are able to do Zumba until delivery.

When it comes to doing pregnancy Zumba, you should know that the workout seems to be more difficult than usual because the heart has 30%-50% more blood to pump than normally.

In the same time it is more likely to be affected by muscle tearing, strains or other kinds of injury. This is because the pregnancy hormones make the joints and ligaments to loose.


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