Zyrtec During Pregnancy

If you are affected by allergies, you may be thinking about taking Zyrtec during pregnancy. This is an antihistamine that can be found without prescription. The medication seems to be safe in case of pregnant women, but at this moment not all the risks are known. The label of the medication says that pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking the medication. According to the specific category system by FDA,Zyrtec is a category B medication.

Category B medication

This category is given to the medications that were studied in case of animals and it didn’t seem to have any negative effects on the fetus. However the medication wasn’t tested in case of pregnant women. In the same time the same category is given to the medication that caused some harm in case of the animal fetuses but it isn’t believed to do any harm to the human babies. Regarding taking Zyrtec while being pregnant you should know that the same category is given even in case of high dosages. These didn’t seem to hurt the animal fetuses. At this moment there is no reason to believe that Zyrtec would have any unwanted effects if it is taken by pregnant women.


Nonetheless we have to add that the medication wasn’t extensively studied regarding pregnant women so the specialists can’t be 100% sure of its effects. As it has been mentioned before, in case of the animal studies there weren’t any negative effects, still this doesn’t mean that the same thing is true in case of humans as well. This is why you should take Zyrtec when being pregnant only after you talk to your health care provider and the benefits outweigh the risks. This way you will have to assume fewer risks during pregnancy.


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