A Pregnancy Post Fertility Issues Improves the Relationship

When the happy couple is faced with fertility issues both partners are affected physically and emotionally and their relationship is put on a hard test. Researchers discovered that couples who eventually manage to conceive after fertility issues become stronger as the problems bring the two together, strengthening their bond. However, unlucky couples who fail to conceive after fertility treatment tend to grow apart and eventually separate.

A Pregnancy Post Fertility Issues Improves the Relationship

The majority of couples expect to have a baby shortly after marriage. After they stop having protected sex and fail to conceive during one year period, both partners tend to became anxious due to pressure.

Who is guilty? Is it the woman, who can’t procreate? Or is it the man who can’t provide an heir? Inside pressure is already weighting heavy on the couple’s shoulders, but it becomes even heavier when relatives and friends start questioning about the matter while having offspring of their own.

Infertility and Life Quality

Statistics made public by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention show that 11% of American women have fertility problems which affect their overall state of mind and their health. Further studies show that after a failed fertility treatment the couple’s quality of life decreases and anxiety, depression and stress levels rise.

How can fertility issues strengthen the relationship?

Some studies shown that couples experiencing fertility issues become closer after the baby is born. Danish researchers conducted a study on 47.515 women to confirm of infirm previous thesis. The average age of women was 32 and all of them turned to a Danish hospital to ask for the help of a reproduction specialist between 1990 and 2006. The women were followed for an average of 7 years after their visit to the hospital and 57% of the women gave birth, while 47% didn’t.

Scientists observed a strong relationship between the failure of conceiving and divorce rate in the second group of women.

The risk to end the relationship with her partner or get a divorce was three times higher for the women who failed to give birth, in comparison with the ones who did. The quality of the relationship between the two partners improved for the couples who became parents.

Further studies on the matter

Scientists who conducted the study concluded there is a strong link between having a baby and the duration of the relation in the couples affected by infertility. Moreover, fertility may be connected to a person’s character. The newest studies had shown that in vitro fertilization can have negative effects when overused and we might be forced to find other, more natural, means of treating fertility issues.


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