Anna Paquin’s Twins Are a Boy and Girl

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, better known for their role in true blood, welcomed their twin babies in September.

Having kept the gender and the names of their newborn babies under wraps, this Hollywood couple has built an element of suspense around their new parent status.

Finally after two months of speculation, this Hollywood couple has revealed that the twins are a boy and a girl. They are yet to make an official announcement about the names.

Anna and Stephen: Private Couple

The stars who met and dated each other while working for the HBO series True Blood, got married in Malibu at an intimate ceremony in August 2010. Anna announced her pregnant status early this year and ever since the couple has been tight lipped about the arrival of the babies or any other news in this regard.

The couple has kept matter very private and close to their hearts. In a world where celebrities are trading their pictures – from dating to wedding and children for dollars, Anna and Stephen have been pretty uncommercial about their lives.

Early Delivery

When the babies were born preterm in early September, the news came as a surprise. It was not until now that they announced the gender of the twins. And it is only now that they are bringing the babies out for a stroll and enjoying a holiday together in full public view.

Being private people, both Anna and Stephen were not wrong in expecting more time to reveal their family matters to the world. It is with due respect to this natural tendency of theirs that even their fans, though very curious about the newborns, are being patient. In the near future we expect to see more of the twins and their names revealed sooner or later.

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