Best Solution for Vaginal Birth – No Epidural and Moral Support

Keeping mothers happy is a very important factor when it comes to childbirth. Two of the most important contributing factors include having supporting personnel and starting breastfeeding during the earliest stages. Naturally there are some other factors as well that ought to be taken into consideration.

Best Solution for Vaginal Birth – No Epidural and Moral Support

Holding Hands

According to the studies of the field, those women are the happiest who didn’t receive an epidural during labor and who have a family member with them. These are the findings of a study which was meant to measure the levels of satisfaction of women regarding the hospital’s personnel, the people that are present, and breastfeeding.

The Procedure

In order to reach these conclusions, the researchers worked with 60 mothers of a sample of 2,800 women who gave birth between 2011 and 2012. The mothers have been monitored for 24 hours in the hospital and then for 14 days through phone calls. Then, after three months, the researchers also recorded the baby’s feeding regime.

Happy Mothers

The scientists claim that the general satisfaction level of the mothers has been quite high. The specialists noticed that starting breastfeeding within 24 hours of birth and natural birth without an epidural seem to have been two of the contributing factors to the happiness of the mothers.

Breastfeeding and Birth

Another interesting aspect that the specialists have found is that if a mother is happy with her experience regarding childbirth, she is more likely to go on breastfeeding for more than 3 months than the women who weren’t happy with their experience.

Health System

By knowing the factors that make mothers happy or unhappy gives the healthcare specialists the chance to find out more about the strengths and weaknesses of the system. This way they can improve the care offered and they can strengthen the strong points and eliminate the weaknesses.

Postpartum Depression

We also have to add that the women who have a positive experience regarding childbirth are less likely to be affected by postpartum depression at the later stages. Keeping women happy has an important social impact, especially in case of the countries where less and less children are born. By keeping the mother happy doctors could achieve an increase in the number of births.

If you already have a child you may be thinking about the kind of experience that you had and you should ask yourself whether you’d have a more natural approach to an eventual future birth.


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