Beverley Mitchell Expecting First Child

The 31-year actress has announced that she is pregnant and credits her sense of smell for alerting her on this.

The singer who is married to Michael Cameron is expecting her first child sometime in April next year.

Beverley Mitchell Expecting First Child

Mitchell is best known for her role in 7thHeaven, a television drama that also starred her best friend Jessica Biel. Mitchell says that initially, she could not believe that this was happening to her. She repeated the pregnancy tests about 7 times before getting out of the denial phase and visiting her doctor, where she did two more tests. Finally she was convinced.

But what prompted her to go for a test is amazing. Beverly says that her sense of smell increased overnight and she could smell everything around her, so distinctly. This made her feel that something was definitely not right. So she tested for pregnancy at home and later on consulted the doctor to confirm it.

Beverly and Michael: The Relationship

Michael and Beverly are known to have dated for five long years before getting married. They bought a property in Colorado before getting engaged in a dramatic ceremony on the New Year’s Eve in 2005. Michael is said to have arranged for a horse-carriage to land at their new property, where he made a dramatic entry and proposed to her with a 3.5 carat diamond engagement ring. They then married in 2008 at Ravello in Italy.

The couple squeezed in a babymoon soon after the discovery of the pregnancy, to celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary. They then attended the wedding celebration of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. Jessica is Bev’s best friend and so she was the first ones to know about the pregnancy.

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