Designer Sperm – Genetic Flaw Repair or Genetic Engineering

The main point of “designer sperm” is to find and eliminate the faulty genes of the future generations. According to the latest researches regarding genetics, if there is a new genetic material introduced into the sperm of mice, these genes will be active and present in the new embryos.

Importance of these Studies

If the findings of the research will be able to be implemented in case of humans as well, it could mean a new breakthrough regarding genetic medicine. As a result, humans would be able to fight the majority of disorders and some new horizons would arise, such as organ regeneration.

Transgenic Technology

According to the researchers, one of the most important fields of technology in our days is considered to be transgenic technology. This is a tool that can be used in order to study and cure many different kinds of diseases both in case of animals and humans. In fact, this technology may be the answer to a lot of biology problems that the specialists are facing at the moment.

The Study

In order to reach their findings, the specialists used lentiviruses to create transgenic animals through the male germ line. They had quite some success in producing transgenics in case of mice. The sperm of the transduced mice has been used in in vitro fertilization. As a result, 42% of the embryos achieved were transgenic for the gene studied. The specialists have found that a lot of murine tissues have been transmitted to the third generation of transgenics.

The Opinion of the Specialists

The researchers claim that the use of modified sperm to alter the genetic materials has a great potential in the field of medicine and it may also become the next major medical breakthrough. This study is important because it assesses the possibility to produce transgenic animal models and it might result in finding therapeutic remedies for humans.

Past Experiences

During the past few years the specialists have been looking for a breakthrough of this kind but they always hit a dead end. Now it seems like they have the possibility to alter the sperm in order to improve the health of the future generations. If things work out as planned, this study may change the way preventive medicine is considered.

Research of this kind could determine and alter the future of medicine and this is what the governments ought to support financially.


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