Fitness During Pregnancy Responsible for Better Circulation During Adulthood

What if you could program the future health of your baby by simply following a very trendy pregnancy advice? The most recent pregnancy studies have come to a very encouraging conclusion relating the way pregnancy fitness can influence the blood circulation of the baby during his or her adult life.

Fitness During Pregnancy Responsible for Better Circulation During Adulthood

Obstetricians’ Opinions

In spite of the fact that all pregnancy websites and related information preach a healthy amount of exercise during pregnancy months not all ob-gyn practitioners are convinced that this is a very good idea.

It is true that according to another recent study the number of pregnancies facing preterm birth dangers, such as premature cervix opening, is increasing in US. The future mothers with this type of issues are advised to choose bed rest so the pregnancy will progress as close to term as possible.

There are also other cases when doctors are not advising regular physical activity simply because of the fear that the future moms will overdo it for the sake of not gaining too much pregnancy weight.

The Study

Dr Sean Newcomer from San Marcos University in California together with Dr. Bahls from Greifswald University of Medicine, Germany concluded that the endothelium – the cell lining of the blood vessels – allows in uterus programming and the results appear during adulthood.

Previous studies focused only on studying the offspring during their first years of life. In this case the tests performed on pigs showed that exercising mothers produced offspring with better circulatory system and less chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.

From Pigs to Human

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that an interval of 25 to 40 minutes of pregnancy exercise is recommendable for all pregnant women. The same amount of exercise was applied to pregnant swine with very surprising results.

Encouraging Conclusions

Two out of ten children born in the world are facing the odds of developing some kind of heart conditions in their adult lives so the results of this study may offer a true ray of optimism to expecting mothers.

The study stated that further testing is necessary for coronary circulation. These will evaluate the realistic impact in preventing severe heart problems for children presenting the susceptibility for a cardiovascular health issue.

These being said it is more than logic for future moms to have moderate, pregnancy tailored workouts during their pregnancy months. Considering that lifestyle and stress are the main causes for circulatory problems during adulthood a helping hand in preventing them is always welcome.


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