Fun Ideas for a Gender Revealing Party

Throwing a gender revealing party is a great way to inform your friends and family members about the gender of your baby. Many couples throw these parties to break the big news and most like to do it in style. Gender revealing parties have a mysterious yet fun element associated with them and there must be a proper plan to throw such parties. If you too are an expecting parent and are soon going to know the gender of your baby, you can follow the following given fun ideas for a gender revealing party:

fun ideas for a gender revealing partyA Mysterious Party Invitation

To send an invite, you can keep the aura of the invitation card very mysterious. You can get ‘Boy or girl’ written on the invitation card and keep the recipients guessing. This can also help build excitement about the gender of the baby.

Gender Revealing Cupcakes

You can get cupcakes made which have a frosting of either blue or pink inside them. The gender can be revealed when the guests take a bite of the cup cake and reach the bottom of it to find out whether its red or blue.

A Casting Vote

Make your party interesting by handing over casting cards to guests. Each guest will vote which gender they think it is and the results can be announced later into the party.

You can download cute voting ballot from the internet which have pink on one side and blue on the other.

Helium Balloons

Another superb way to announce the gender of the baby is to get a huge cardboard filled with helium balloons of either pink color or blue color. Open the box out in the open and let the balloons make their way up to reveal the gender to all your guests.

Confetti Push Pops

Another superb idea to host or organize a gender revealing party is to get confetti push pops. These push pops can have the color of blue or pink and the gender can be revealed by pushing open the confetti pops in front of everyone.

Decorate with Blue or Pink Theme

If you don’t want the gender to be very much of a mystery, then you can let the decoration or theme speaks for itself. You can either get the decoration done in blue or pink color, signifying the gender of your baby.

Gender Revealing Cake

You can order a cake from a bakery that says ‘He or She, open to See’. Get the cake made in such a way that when it is cut, the inside crust reveals the gender. The inside can be either blue or pink, depending upon the gender of your baby.

Show the Ultrasound

Another interesting way to reveal the gender is to show everyone the ultrasound or the ultrasound report which has the gender written on it. The copies of the ultrasound can be distributed with dessert or snacks as well.

Wear Blue or Pink

Another way to reveal the gender is to wear blue or pink yourself to let everyone know.


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