It’s a Baby Boy for Shakira

The 22nd of January was a very exciting day for singer Shakira and footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique. Shakira gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Milan Pique Mebarak. The baby was born in Barcelona, Spain at 9.36 pm. The mother and baby are reportedly doing fine. Baby Milan was born with a birth weight of 6 lbs. 6 ounces.

It’s a Baby Boy for Shakira

35-year-old Shakira was rushed to the hospital on the day of the delivery. A proud Gerard posted a photo of the baby in Nike sneakers with Milan printed on the Velcro of the shoe. The couple who have been dating since March 2011 announced the pregnancy in September last year. At a photo shoot last month, the Columbian singer posed semi nude and exhibited her baby bump with Gerard by her side. Shakira looked very happy with the baby and said she could live pregnant like this for another 9 months. The duo invited their fans for a baby shower celebration aimed at raising funds for UNICEF, an organization which helps underprivileged children worldwide and for which Shakira has been an ambassador.

The pregnancy was a smooth one for the Latina singer, but the large size of the baby made Shakira’s gynecologist to schedule a C-section for January 22nd. The couple was earlier hoping for a February 2nd delivery as both their birthdays fall on that day. A confidential contract was signed between the hospital staff and the singer that the crew attending to her delivery would all be women and that no photos or communication would be leaked to the media.

By the way, do you know what Milan means? It has different meanings in different languages; in Slavic it means loving and gracious, in ancient Roman it means eager and in Sanskrit it stands for unification. Whatever be it we are happy for Shakira and Gerard and congratulate them on their new arrival!








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