Kate Hudson Battling Pregnancy Symptoms

The latest celebrity to go public with an announcement of pregnancy is Kate Hudson who only recently announced that she is to have a child with British rocker boyfriend, Matthew Bellamy. Hudson confirmed her pregnancy and that she and Bellamy would be having their child this summer.

Kate Hudson battling pregnancyIt may be noted that she was secretive about her news for the first trimester to the extent that friends thought she was ill and depressed.

Now, however Hudson is reported to be battling pregnancy symptoms such as ‘pregnancy brain’ and morning sickness.

By her own admission, her ‘pregnancy brain’ is causing her to babble a lot, be forgetful and even have difficulty remembering the right word or forming proper sentences. It was this “wooziness” of hers that caused her to withdraw from the arc lights for a while, she says.

She says it feels like a girl and has been toying with a couple of female names as well which she doesn’t want to share at this time.

However she made it clear that there were no wedding bells in the offing; Bellamy and she were not planning to tie the knot anytime soon.


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