Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant with Her First Child

You heard it right! Kim Kardashian is pregnant with rapper Kanye West’s child. The couple is expecting their first child and this they announced on the 30th of December.

The two wished their fans a happy new year while breaking the news. West reportedly made this news public at his recent Atlantic City concert.

His words to the audience were “to stop the music and make noise for my baby mama”. The crowd was zapped for a moment and then cheered loud for the couple.

Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant with Her First Child

Celebrations for the Kardashians

Soon after, the entire Kardashian family joined the celebrations with their tweets. The family along with Kim’s half sisters could not contain their excitement and went berserk on the tweeter board. Slowly, even Kim has been seen getting more open about the news and is giving a couple of interviews.

She has revealed that the baby is due in July, 2013 and that the reality is yet to sink in completely. She has also added that may be when her belly starts appearing she will be more confident about it. Kim is now 12 weeks into pregnancy and apparently going through a phase of morning sickness.

During the interview she confessed that she has been struggling with the same infertility issues that her sister Kourtney had. Due to this reason she was not even expecting to get pregnant at this point in time. It came as a complete surprise for her and says she loves the surprise.

The Kim and Kris Affair

Kim and West have been in a relationship for more than 8 months now and are not married yet. They plan to get married, but not just now. Kim’s earlier relationships have been quite infamous, with the most recent one being with husband Kris Humphries. Kim married Kris only to split within 72 days of marriage.

With the news of her getting pregnant, the question remains if she will file for divorce from the famed basketball player. Kim has reported that she wishes to file for a divorce sooner than later and she definitely will not want Kris anywhere around while she is giving birth to Kanye’s baby.

With the news of a baby on the way, Kim and West have definitely kicked up a storm, making way for more gossip and stories regarding the couple in the coming days.

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