10 Best Movies to Watch During Pregnancy

They say it is important to listen to soothing music, watch good movies and read extremely positive books during pregnancy and it is true that these things are actually important for the expecting mother and the baby. There are many videos, movies and documentaries which a pregnant lady can benefit from watching because of their educational value or the things that they can teach. The following is a list of the 10 best movies to watch during pregnancy:

1. Baby Boom

baby boomThis is a movie starring Diana Keaton which teaches the importance of quitting the day job to accommodate a baby into your life. This movie is loved by all pregnant ladies and is a hit among them.

2. For Keeps

This movie released in the year 1988 and stars Molly Ringwald and Randall Batinkoff. What it teaches is the fact that being a pregnant teenager can be hard. The movie has a happy ending but it definitely leaves its impact.

3. Junior

junior movieThis Arnold Schwarzenegger movie follows a story line where the lead actor is the first pregnant make and even takes a C-section for delivery. Watch it and have a good laugh later on with your spouse.

4. Maybe Baby

This movie released in 2000 and focusses on the fact that something a natural desire of childbirth can be very unnatural. The movie shows that conceiving a child can be an unnatural process involving fertility rituals, ovulation charts and sperm counts.

5. Nine months

nine monthsStarring Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore, this movie based on pregnant is a favorite for many pregnant women and is a must watch during those nine months. This movie is good for laughs with your partner.

6. Paternity

A womanizer meets and falls for real women in this 1981 hit movie. The hero of the movie learns that having a baby is more than a biological imperative.

7. Raising Arizona

If you are looking for a movie to watch during those nine months, then you can try Raising Arizona out. This movie released in the year 1987 and stars Nicholas Cage.

8. She’s having a baby

1980s were the years when many movies on babies and pregnancy released and this is one of them. This movie reminds us of the fact that during childbirth, great fathers and husbands are born as well. A must watch for pregnant couples!

9. Sugar town

This movie was released in 1999 and leaves a message that pregnancy can be the most creative power of all. This is a must watch for all pregnant women as it has the power to make them realize what a wonderful phase they are in.

10. Three men and a baby

three men and a babyThree men take care of a new born baby in this 1987 cult classic movie. This movie shows that how contemporary bachelors turn into responsible father figures for a little baby. Watch it if you have a boyfriend who is too cool for diapers and baby toys.


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