Points to Remember While you are Selecting an IVF Centre

When you are facing the trouble of “infertility” and cannot conceive even after some years of trying; it is wise to opt for IVF centres that make your path for reproduction smooth. In vitro fertilisation is the process that is done manually by combining the egg and sperm in a lab container and then placing the embryo safely into the uterus.

With the advent of IVF technology, modern medicine has gained immense success in making millions of couples proud parents. IVF centres have actually helped couples make families and experience healthy birth process; but there is a big chance that you enter the wrong IVF clinic.

In fact, there has been authentic news that some IVF clinics are owned by doctors who are not even gynaecologists – therefore be very careful while the selection as this would not only determine the health of the baby but the mother as well. Here are few points that should be kept in mind while selection of IVF centres.

points to remember while you are selecting an IVF CentreBe Sure that your Problem can be Actually Solved

Infertility can have plenty of causes and all IVF centres are not equipped adequately to treat the cause. Therefore, check with a good gynaecologist and learn about your problem and visit the IVF centres that specifically have dealt with such problem and have got success stories. Best if you can get the reference names from the gynaecologist.

Are you Comfortable from Day One?

The fact that you are not being able to conceive naturally breaks down many couples mentally and IVF centres should have an affirmative approach while dealing with your issues and treatment procedure. Discuss if you both are feeling comfortable and positive from the very first day; if you are not feeling better with the doctor then his treatment might also not bring anything better. They should have patience, positive attitude, listen and help you through the path as infertility is not any disease but just a situation that is caused due to some abnormal factors.

Check the Success Rates

Check with the existing patients who are undergoing treatment in the centre and listen to their stories, process and satisfaction levels. Also try and get in touch with the former patients who have done their fertility treatments from the same unit – this would help you greatly to decide. Also find out the likely success of your problem and gather all the online information possible so that your part of homework is done at its best.

Try to Start Immediately

Infertility troubles show up greatly post 35 years; but nevertheless do not take any chances if you have already faced this issue in early age. The more you delay the more complicated will the case become – so it’s wise to get started immediately. Therefore, check in the IVF centre if the required apparatus, settings and doctors are available from the very next day. If yes, then you can be sure that it’s a dynamic and worthy institution.

Also Check Alternatives

IVF treatment would cost you a fortune; therefore just done take any immediate decision after talking to one centre. Check the other alternatives in and around your city and see how much they quote; of course you also need to keep other quality parameters in mind and compare. The entire treatment needs a sophisticated team of doctors and pharmacists; availability of donors is a big factor that again increases the final cost.

Get Clarified about Other Related Costs

When you will be a regular visitor in any fertility clinic there will also be associated costs like travel and accommodation. These additional costs are usually not borne by the centres and you will have to arrange it personally for you and your partner. Talk to the centre and learn how much time it would take.

Privacy and Confidentially

This is a very important factor that should be taken in consideration while you are finalising your IVF centre. Your confidentiality rights should be highly respected and the privacy protocols should be thoroughly checked.

Quality Assurance

This is a key point for anything you choose in return of money. IVF treatment is quite expensive, therefore be aware of the quality measures the centre is taking. You can choose a cheaper centre but make sure the procedure is not compromised on quality. The doctors should be competent and experienced; the other members of the team should be talented and well equipped to carry out the process diligently. Government authorised centres and ISO approved ones can be given higher preferences.

Handy Tips While you are Under IVF Treatment –

  1. Ask the centre to show their facilities and equipments, check it personally.
  2. Get enrolled under one single doctor of the centre and visit him every time you go to the centre.
  3. Check if your medical records are being updated every time.
  4. While USG scan, ask how many follicles are being produced.
  5. Know which tests are essential and avoid doing unnecessary tests.
  6. Check if there is any discrepancy between the number of follicles that are being produced and number of eggs they are actually collecting.
  7. Collect the photos of your embryos
  8. Make sure they have embryo freezing facilities
  9. Take discharge summary at the end of the process


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