Pregnancy Announcements – Have Fun Letting Everyone Know

One of the fun parts of being pregnant is making the pregnancy announcements. The majority of the couples are looking for interesting and exciting ways to do this, since usually this is good news and friends and family are happy for the couple.

Pregnancy Announcements

Valentine’s Day and announcements of pregnancy

In case you find out that you are pregnant before Valentine’s Day, you could prepare a small surprise for the rest of the family. Organize a dinner or an informal get together and make small gift bags to all the guests. In each bag there should be different items related to the baby, such as a bib, food or peacemaker.

When it comes to the announcements of pregnancy most probably the guests won’t really understand why you have given them all those items, but after a while they will understand. For sure they will be very happy for you and you will get to keep the items that were supposed to be their gifts.


If you are preparing to make the pregnancy announcements around a major holiday, you could send your family and friends some cards and say that they are from the baby. People will call you to congratulate and they will understand that there will be a new addition to your family.

Christmas ornaments

In case you hear about announcements of pregnancy, there is a very nice story that you could hear. The couple didn’t know when they will have babies, but the mother of the woman got the couple a Christmas ornament saying ‘Baby’s first Christmas’. The next year before Christmas she got a call from her son-in-law.

As part of the pregnancy announcements he asked her whether she could find another ornament of the same kind. At first she didn’t really understand, but then she realized that her daughter will have twins. Naturally she said that she didn’t think she will manage to find one that looks just like the first one.


It is possible that you want to make the announcements of pregnancy at Christmas, and in this case here is a nice idea, get the new grandparents bibs saying grandma and grandpa and put them in the gift bags. Make sure that the grandparents open the bags in the same time. Most probably they will be shocked at first.

Usually when the pregnancy announcements are made, people don’t understand at first what is going on, but when they do, there will be some screaming and tears of joy. Of course you will get a lot of hugs and kisses and people will be talking about your news for a long time.


In some families, it is tradition to have baby dolls for the grandchildren and this is something you could use when it comes to the announcements of pregnancy.

One couple had this tradition, and to tell their parents that they will have a child, they ordered a new addition to the collection. They made the pregnancy announcements through giving the grandmothers a new doll, a boy and a girl since they didn’t know the gender of the baby yet. At the beginning the grandmothers were puzzled, but then they realized that there is a new member of the family on the way.

Mother’s Day

If you would like to have special announcements of pregnancy, you could break the news on Mother’s Day. As an idea, you could have a cake for your mother saying something about her being a grandmother. Your mother will realize what’s going on in a minute, and you can expect to get a lot of hugs after the pregnancy announcements.


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