Pregnancy Products for Celebrity Mums

The tinsel town is going gaga over the number of celebrity mums-to-be over the past couple of years. Pregnancy is an important milestone in every woman’s life that brings in many bodily challenges with it. It is more so for celebrities, who have to face the media every other day. In this context it is only prudent that we discuss the most effective pregnancy products suited best for celebrity mums. Here are some of them from Cussons Mum & Me:

Pregnancy Products for Celebrity Mums

Solution for Tired Heels

Latest to join the pregnant Hollywood brigade is Kim Kardashian. The queen of reality television is never seen without her towering heels. Pregnancy should not stop her from living her life her way. Cussons Mum & Me has come out with a novel Cool & Relieve Soothing Spray as a solution for such mums.

This is a great product that soothes your tired heels instantly at the end of the day. The special formula reduces pain and brings comfort to the feet. It is therefore a must have for all mothers including Kim.

For a Good Night’s Sleep

Fearne Cotton has only now delivered her baby and is definitely over the moon. Like any new mother she is taking over the duties of nursing her baby and taking care of the newborn through day and night. To unwind, Fearne is known to indulge in a hot bath just before going to bed.

For such mums, Cussons Mum & Me has come up with Relax & Unwind Bath Soak, a product formulated to sooth your tired nerves and to take the weight off your shoulders for the rest of the night.

Gifting Solutions

And then there are gifts that people might want to give the mom-to-be. And what better way than follow our A-listers such as Rachel Wood who gifted her fellow mum-to-be the Bump Gift Pack. It consists of four pregnancy essentials namely:

  • Smooth & Glow Pregnancy Shampoo
  • Relax & Unwind Bath Soak
  • Soothe & Nourish Body Lotion
  • Relax & Unwind Sleep Mist

The products mentioned are from the Bump range of essentials made especially to help the carrying mother look great through the 9 month long journey. All these products from Cussons Mum & Me can be ordered from their online shop.


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