Pregnant Celebrities: 10 Celebrity Babies Due In 2010

– Celebrity Babies about to Make a Grand Appearance For 2010

Since the “baby fever” seems to have conquered the celebrity world, 2010 makes no difference since the famous ladies are ready for motherhood.

The baby bumps catch the eye and the blitz of the photographers and the baby talk is on tabloids lips so the little ones are stars even from their mother’s tummy. Here are 10 pregnant celebrities that are due in 2010.

1. Claudia Pregnant with the Third

Anybody can see that Claudia Schiffer has a lot of courage since after bringing two children into the world she considered motherhood for the third time. It seems the celebrity fashion models are decided to put their family life up and running.

Claudia and her husband Matthew Vaughn have two more children, Caspar and Clementine. The model is coming from a big family so it is only natural she would want a big family of her own.

pregnant celebrities

Her career as a supermodel has put Claudia on the map of the society for good. Her supermodel career, her presence in the media shows and the investment in the Fashion Café’s network has raised her fortune of 55 million pounds. The Forbes has posted her among the most successful celebrities so now she is free to concentrate on her career as a mother.

2. Amanda Peet – Motherhood and Pregnant Celebrity Hand in Hand

Beautiful and talented and also a mom to be for a second time, Amanda’s life seem to have it all figure out especially because her movie career is ascending and her marriage with David Benioff seems to be blissfully happy.

pregnant celebrities

Attending the Berlin festival for the premiere of “Please give”, the pregnant star has proudly presented her baby bump posing for the photographers on the red carpet.

The lovely actress seems to be on top of the world. Already very proud of her oldest child, Frances Pen, Amanda is expecting a new maternity challenge to begin. We can only wish her the best.

3. Amy Adam Welcomes her First Child

“Enchanted” star seems to have joined the ride towards family life. Although just engaged to Darren Le Gallo, Amy Adams is expecting her first child. The beautiful redhead declared that she is not at all ready for the family life but this child comes as a wonderful surprise.

pregnant celebrities

Amy is not one of those pregnant celebrities who declared they want big families but it seems she found the right moment to become a mom after receiving praises for her performance in “Julie & Julia” and “Leap Year”. The actress appears to be genuinely happy. Who knows? Maybe marriage is on the way too.

4. Tiffani Thiessen – Baby on the way

Well, the sexy diva is ready to become a family woman. Tiffani Thiessen, known for her appearance in the most notorious teenager TV shows of the century had a very interesting ascension from the good little girl from “Saved by the Bell” to sexy bad girl in “Beverly Hills”.

pregnant celebrities

After quite a long line of love affairs, Tiffani married Brady Smith and after 5 years it seems it has come the time for a baby to arrive into their life. The maternity had made the actress look even more amazing than usual and after her presence at the Boom Boom Room everybody agreed that she is in the best possible spirit waiting impatiently to find out the sex of the baby.

5. Rebecca Gayheart – Baby Walking

Another TV star is ready to become a mom. One of the pregnant celebrities, beautiful Rebecca Gayheart, is going to become a mother for the first time this March. Ever since she got pregnant the actress has been beside herself with joy. Both she and her husband Eric Dane were trying very hard to make this happen by consulting specialists in the area.

pregnant celebrities

The pregnancy news made them very happy and they were walking about with big smiles on their faces. The couple who outraged the media with a threesome sex tape seems to have settled down. Hopefully maternity will keep Rebecca away from trouble.

6. Padma Lakshmi welcoming a baby girl

Well…it’s a girl. The successful Indian beauty, host of “Top Chef” is proud to announce that her baby bump hides a little princess. Although media had speculated around the identity of the little one’s father, Padma chose to not disclose anything from this aspect of her pregnancy.

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Her career as a model and actress has made her famous among the beauties of the world and her work as a cook book author has made her a name in the industry. The motherhood fits her beautifully and she seems to have assumed the role of single mom with no issue whatsoever. We can only wish her good luck.

7. Alessandra Ambrosio Glowing with Maternal Light

International model and notorious beauty, Alessandra is one of the pregnant celebrities who call their birthplace, their favorite place in the world. The Brazilian beauty known for her amazing pictorials as a Victoria Secret model and TV show presences she appeared in is going to be a mom for the second time.

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Apparently the models of the world are feeling trendy becoming mothers and more and more are walking the path these days. Alessandra and her husband, the Californian business man Jamie Mazur are very happy with the news of the second child. Who can blame them?

8. Christina Milian Soon to be Mom

The cute Christina is expecting a baby very soon. When she attended the Boom Boom Room with her friend Tiffani Thiessen, Christina Milian was due four weeks so she is ready to welcome her first baby into the world.

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Married to the Music producer The Dream, Christina is perhaps the live image of how motherhood can make somebody happy.

9. Jenna Elfman a Happy Future Mom

Jenna is pregnant for real. The star from “Accidentally on purpose” got pregnant with the second baby using the auspicious circumstances from the show she is on. The story from “ Accidentally on purpose” talks about a successful woman getting pregnant with her much younger one night stand and trying to make it work.

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Jenna and her husband decided to take advantage of the situation and this way the actress will be able to work while carrying her baby to term. Who knows, maybe we will see him or her on the show later?

10. Dannii Minogue Sexy Even if Pregnant

The X-factor star proudly announced her pregnancy on her Twitter page, and the baby’s father, boyfriend Kris Smith, twittered back saying he is the fortunate dad.

pregnant celebs

Well, being so into the fashionable networking, her sister Kylie twittered too saying: “OMG another Minogue”. This being said, the baby on the way seems to have made his or her debut to celebrity. Dannii declared that Kris is eager to start a family so we can be sure marriage is also on the way.


  1. Congratulations to all of them!I’m very happy for Claudia and Matthew Vaughan.She’s simply stunning!I love her very much!I wish her a healthy pregnancy.

  2. Congrats to Christina and her gorge baby. You will make a great mum babes. Your a fab friend hunni Love u forever


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