Top 5 Sex Myths Debunked

It’s said that sex drive is innate and a natural force – thus we cannot deny that sex is something that all of us enjoy and are concerned for. Sex life is a vital factor that leads to happiness and attachment post marriage and even if you are in a relationship sexual pleasure make it even more strong, desirable and a longing one. However, everyone does not have a healthy sex life and most of them are due to myths that are running in generations. Keep your mind free of such myths and learn the truth to have a more enjoyable, fulfilling and satisfying sex life. Here are the top 10 myths related to sex and their truths.

sex myths debunked

Myth 1 – You can enjoy great sex almost NATURALLY

Fact – In the reel world, you see lovers meet, flowers bloom, there is music in the air and they get indulged in great sex just naturally. Unfortunately, in real life triggering the orgasm and getting the best sex spark does not happen in a flick. Human body does not give you any instruction manual and sex is one of the most sensuous acts that humans do. Therefore, great sex does not happen just naturally rather you have to give some efforts during foreplay, make the atmosphere just perfect with favourable items and fragrances, try out new techniques and positions and do everything with effort that will make both the partners comfortable and desirable for sex.

Myth 2 – Men have more sexual urge than women

Fact – Men and women have equal libido and the factors that trigger any person’s libido are health, stress levels, sleep timings, proper diet, medical conditions, relationship harmony, self confidence and level of desire. The changes in these factors can even bring fluctuations in libido – thus there is no reason to believe that men can do sex 24 hours and 365 days a year and women can’t!

Myth 3 – After a specific age sex is no longer needed

Fact – Did you know that healthy sex life indicates that your inner health is more or less perfect in shape? Both physical and emotional health is benefitted with regular sex. Some do believe that with ageing the desire for sex lessens, but the truth is that the desire reduces as an effect of other health factors. Depression, stress, side effects of medication, hormone deficiencies, anxiety disorders, communication barriers, mental changes in a relationship, or may be the loss of a spouse or partner can be few of the reasons.

Myth 4 – Viagra can solve all sexual problems

Fact – The market is flooded with Viagra and other oral medications that help to treat men facing erectile dysfunction; but one must remember that these medications are not right for all men. In fact, they will just not be of any use if you are not using it for the right purpose. Therefore, to fix the problem you might need to address the underlying health causes that can be diagnosed by a qualified physician only. Moreover, if you have other disorders like diabetes and hypertension, you cannot take such medications to increase libido – you might be prescribed urethral suppositories and ICP.

Myth 5 – Certain foods can increase the desire for sex

Fact – Many magazines and sex books will set you with easy tips to bring on mood by eating certain food items like dark chocolate, oysters, asparagus, watermelon, strawberries and other items. However, there is no scientific reasoning to this and might be these foods can trigger any erotic moment of the past or something that you have fantasized. But there are no such foods or herbs that can increase the sexual desire as such.

There are many more such myths that are long associated with sex and do not have any truth in it. Many say oral sex is safer than vaginal intercourse – did you know oral sex brings on sexually transmitted diseases more easily? Many young men feel premature ejaculation happens only to them – but many older men with families also face this problem some time may be for some health reason. Thus, it is very important that you have a clear set of ideas about sex – after all it’s something you cannot avoid or deny, but can only enjoy!


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