Special Parking Rights May Be Possible for Pregnant Women in New York

Councilman David Greenfield of Brooklyn New York has proposed for a unique bill to be passed in the New York city council – to grant special parking privileges for pregnant women.

pregnant women parking rightsIn particular this will be a privilege for those women who are undergoing a difficult pregnancy.

Pregnant women undergoing a difficult pregnancy will be required to get a certificate or note from their attending doctor, which says that the pregnant woman is facing mobility challenges or other physical difficulties.

Such as note from the doctor or even specific placards could entitle women undergoing a difficult pregnancy to park even in no parking zones.

Councilman Greenfield made it his business to introduce this bill after seeing the way that his own wife struggled through two difficult pregnancies. New York is not the first to contemplate such as law being passed; Oklahoma and Georgia already have similar statutes on their books.

This could be good news for women struggling with a difficult pregnancy as well as other aspects of life such as the home front, other kids, work and so on. However the bill is not yet passed and critics have warned that this could be responsible for further complication in the already messy parking situation in the city.


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