7 Tips to Enjoy the Last Month of your Pregnancy

Okay, so you have completed the last 8 months of your pregnancy gracefully and are finally in the last month.  This 9th month of pregnancy can be a mixed bag of emotions as one side is the excitement of child birth whereas on the other side lies the memories and nostalgia of your pregnancy phase.  Now that the difficult and challenging part of the pregnancy is over, it is time for you to completely enjoy this last month in every way you can.

pregnancy pampering

So the following are 7 most amazing tips for you to have a blast in the 9th month of pregnancy:

1. Pamper yourself

Pampering yourself in the ninth month of pregnancy is the best way to enjoy yourself before the baby arrives and life becomes a roller coaster ride. So do all that you can think of to pamper yourself such as get a nice relaxing massage, head to the salon for a haircut or a facial, spend time at a spa or invite friends over for tea.  You can also head out with your partner for a dinner date or go for a long romantic drive.

2. Forget about the calendar

If you constantly keep looking at the calendar and fixing your life around the due date, you will miss out on all the fun. It’s better to pack your hospital bag well in advance and then just relax.

3. Celebrate your inner self

Indulge in meditation or anything that lets you spend time with yourself.  Go for long walks with your favorite music on the iPod or just sit in a quiet corner of the house and enjoy your favorite book with a cup of coffee.

4. Get comfortable

You must try to do everything that makes you feel comfortable during the ninth month of pregnancy. Have plenty of water, try to rest as much as you can and snack on the items you love.

5. Spend time with your spouse

After the baby comes, you will hardly get anytime along with your spouse. So it’s best to make the most of the current time and have conversations with your husband. Spend time alone and plan the future together. After childbirth, it is natural for your time to be divided between the new born and the several tasks that you will have to perform so just give all the time of the 9th month to your husband.

6. Have a girls day out

To have any of your questions answered or to share your feelings, head out with your girlfriends, sisters or your mother and have a good day together. Be careful about overdoing the fun but just relax with the girls you love.

7. Sit back and have fun

The whole idea is to have fun. So stop worrying about the after pregnancy period and sit back and enjoy yourself. Be relaxed and think positive at all times.

Follow these tips and enjoy this amazing and wonderful phase of your life.

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