Top Tips for a Toxin Free Pregnancy

Like it or not, we are all surrounded by different kinds of toxins on an everyday basis. While there is no way to avoid all of them, there are some things we could do to minimize the exposure. This is especially important in case of pregnant women.

Top Tips for a Toxin Free Pregnancy

Think Ahead

Being exposed to toxins during pregnancy may affect the health of the baby. If you are thinking about having a baby sometime in the future, you should make sure that you protect yourself (especially your reproductive organs) against toxins even before you get pregnant.

Organic Food

For sure you know that organic food is good for your health. You may also know that these foods have been produced without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or other harmful substances. This means that they are less likely to bring any toxins into your body.

Microwaving Plastic

The specialists have proved that when plastic is heated to high temperatures, it releases substances that disrupt the endocrine or hormonal processes. Such hormonal problems can affect the baby, possibly resulting in serious complications. Some other conditions linked to this matter involve early puberty, reproductive problems, obesity, and cancer.

Conventional Feminine Products

These kinds of products may come with harmful chemicals and it is known that the vaginal tissues come with more chemicals than any other product. It is best to choose unbleached and unscented products. Also find out more about the most harmful chemicals and try to avoid the products containing them as much as possible.

Remove The Shoes

As strange as this may sound, by removing the shoes upon entering your home you can protect yourself against many toxins. You should ask your guests to do the same as well. You can use this tip without too much effort and you can be sure that you will lock out the chemicals and toxins from the streets.

Personal Products

Many of the ingredients of the personal products have been linked to different kinds of health problems. These kinds of products are pretty much unregulated so the manufacturers can use any ingredients that they like until the social pressure gets too large to bear or they are proved to be harmful.

There is a lot you could do for your health and for the health of your child. It all starts with gathering information about the most toxic substances and making sure that you avoid as many of them as possible.


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