Some Effective Ways to Treat Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally

A lot of females face the problem of blocked fallopian tubes. Fallopian tube obstruction is a condition in which the tubes are not able to let the sperm from the male and the ovum from the female converge and thus make fertilization difficult and in most cases, impossible. This problem leads to infertility in females and is an issue that must be treated effectively.  The most common reason for fallopian tube obstruction is an infection like the pelvic inflammatory disease or PID or infections that are caused after childbirth.

Treat Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally

While medical treatment is definitely helpful for resolving the problem of fallopian tube blockage, there are several natural remedies too which can treat the issue.

Natural ways to treat blocked fallopian tubes:

  • One of the most effective herbal remedy for clearing the blockage of fallopian tubes is using herbal tampons.  These kinds of tampons are basically unscented tampons which have been soaked in certain herbs. These tampons can be worn at night time and help a woman to break the blockage.  These herbs enter deep into the woman’s body and heal the tubes.
  • Used along with an herbal tampon is an herbal douche which helps to wash out particles that are left behind after the tampon is used.
  • Another effective natural way to treat blocked fallopian tubes is by using herbal capsules.  These capsules can be taken orally and help to clear the blockage which may be causing infertility.
  • Among the many natural treatments for blocked fallopian tubes, one method is using acupuncture or acupressure treatment.  But one must remember that these methods must only be used by an experienced and learned professional.  The acupuncture or acupressure treatment effectively unblocks the tubes if done regularly for a certain period of time.
  • In some cases, deep tissue massage too can be used as a natural treatment for clearing the blockage of fallopian tubes.  In this method, the blockages that are deep inside the body are found and are dissolved.  According to certain studies, deep tissue massage has a 61% success ratio for unblocking the fallopian tubes.
  • Using antiseptic oils on the area of the abdomen can resolve the swelling and this might lead to treating any infection that may be causing blockage of the fallopian tubes.
  • Another natural way to treat fallopian tube blockage is by supplementing your diet with magnesium and zinc.  This can help to improve the immune system and thus helps in the reduction of swelling and treatment of the infection of the fallopian tubes.
  • Another natural treatment is using castor oil therapy.  This oil comes in the form of cloths that are soaked. This pack of cloth can be used on the abdomen of a woman and further heat has to be applied to result in good circulation and hence healing of the blockage of the fallopian tubes.
  • A physical therapy cycle treatment can also be used to treat this problem.

Thus the above given natural ways can help you to treat the blocked fallopian tubes.

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