Celebrity Pregnancy – Update on Pregnant Celebrities

We bring you updates about celebrity pregnancies from time to time and right now it would appear that there is much to update our readers about. There is a lot of comfort that pregnant women can gain from knowing that a lot of seemingly perfect celebrities are also undergoing the bodily changes, symptoms and discomforts and insecurities that they are.

Celebrity PregnancyMuch has recently been written and speculated about the pregnancy of Carla Bruni Sarkozy, former supermodel and wife of the French president Nicholas Sarkozy.

There has been no official confirmation or denial of whether the French first lady is in the family way and it would seem that the fact that she is now 43 years of age may mean that the French first family want to not tempt fate.

Hollywood and TV actress Jessica Alba is currently pregnant with her second child, and admits that she is not as terrified, this being her second time experiencing pregnancy and motherhood.

She knows what to expect this time around and she no longer is apprehensive about all going well with the baby.

The actress reveals that her pregnancy craving was and still remains fruits; which is a good thing though she eats everything and doesn’t deprive herself of anything.

She also shares that she engages in activity five days a week because this can make the birth easier for the mother and baby.

Former Spice Girls band member, Melanie B is currently expecting her third baby and shared her experiences relating to months of morning sickness and admitting to feeling swollen like a basketball. Clearly she is feeling very pregnant and is indulging in some off time.

In spite of discomforts she is now feeling calm and relaxed. Though ‘Scary’ spice is known to be something of a fitness freak she is not worried about her figure at this time because she feels that a woman should gain the required amount of pregnancy to give her future child the best and healthiest possible start in life.

Another British celebrity who is also pregnant is actress Kelly Brook whose baby girl is due in August of this year. She confesses that this was not a planned pregnancy but apparently being so in love with boyfriend Thom Evans, whom she knew right away was ‘the one’, also helps.

The baby is not about hitting thirty and getting broody but about meeting the right person to share the responsibility of parenthood with.

Meanwhile Mary McCormack is expecting her third child with husband and this pregnancy of hers will be written into her TV show In Plain Sight.  She laughingly refers to the weight she has put on in the chest department by saying that she won’t have to wear falsies for the camera.

Former Miss USA, actress and model Ali Landry is also pregnant with her second child along with her husband Alejandro Monteverde. While thanking people on Twitter for their best wishes, she said that they wanted to be sure everything was progressing properly before making an announcement; she is currently three and a half months pregnant.


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