8 Clever Ways to Hide the Baby Bump

Being pregnant is definitely one of the best feelings in the world but not every one of you may be ready to share the news with the world yet. But pregnancy comes with its much visible baby bump symptom which is hard to keep out of sight of others.  But don’t worry, there are many ways through which you can cleverly hide your baby bump and conceal the news of your pregnancy from the world. The following are the 8 top ways:

Ways to Hide the Baby Bump

Wear wrap dresses

Wearing wrap around dresses is the best and most effective way to conceal the growing tummy. A wrap dress tends to wrap itself around you diagonally and keeps the bump from being obviously visible to others.  To further create a sense of illusion, you can wear a wrap dress with vertical strips or some other kind of pattern.

Cover the tummy

Another effective and popular way to hide the baby bump is to cover it up! Yes, you can use large sized bags or purses or a sweater to cover your belly and prevent people from knowing that you are expecting.


Accessorizing yourself is also an effective method of concealing the protruding tummy during pregnancy.  For this, you can use long chains or fashionable scarves which can be worn around the neck in any way. You can tie the scarf up in such a way that its fall on your tummy and keeps it from showing. If the scarf is printed, then it will work even better.

Wear blazers or cardigans

Another way to hide the baby bump is by wearing cardigans or blazers.  You can opt for blazers that are loose from waist down and are fitted on the waist area.  This fitting will hide the bump and also conceals with stomach area better than anything else. Draped type of cardigans work very well as they wrap around your body like shawls.

Wear loose fitting clothes

If you wear tight fitted tops then your bump will obviously be highlighted, giving away your secret. But on the other hand, if you choose light fitted tops and flowing dresses, chances are that your bump may not show.  You can buy tops that are tight on the bust area and loose under till the hips.  Loose tunic tops worn with jeans also work really well to hide the baby bump.

Wear vertical striped clothes

Another way which helps you hide your baby bump is by wearing clothes with vertical stripes or prints. These prints or stripes create an illusion which hides the bump well and makes you look slimmer. Opt for printed clothes as they do not give away your secret that easily.

Wear longer tops

Another way to conceal the belly during pregnancy is to opt for longer tops.  The top must be long enough to cover your belly completely and extend to your hip area.

Wear dark colored clothes

Wearing darker shades of clothes can also help you hide the baby bump.

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