Learn All About a Birthing Ball

Although it sounds quite funny to be using one, a birthing ball is more than useful during pregnancy. At the beginning it has been used as a part of physical therapy. Also they are used by obese people when they are exercising not to put too much pressure on the legs and on the spine.

Advantages of the pregnancy ball

The good thing about this item is that it is easy to clean and also lightweight. There are a lot of hospitals in our days that have such balls and they are used by the expectant mothers to make labor and childbirth easier for them, preparing women for the process.

Birthing BallDuring pregnancy

The best thing about the pregnancy ball is the use during pregnancy. This is because there are a lot of healthy exercises that women can perform with its help. These balls are used for women to get postural reflexes and to keep the spine muscles strong. A lot of women say that the ball is really useful during the third trimester.

During this period a lot of women say that it is uncomfortable to be sitting on a regular chair, not to mention that sitting down and getting up could be painful. This is not the case of the birthing ball. It is easy to sit on it and women can roll themselves to a standing position a lot easier.


One of the most important jobs of a pregnancy ball is to help women exercises. For this it is vital to find a ball with the right size. The size could vary and the balls are made of high quality materials that don’t burst if they are punctured, but they deflate slowly so that the user won’t get injured.

When choosing a birthing ball, you should opt for one that allows for your knees to be at a 90-degree angle when you sit down. Don’t forget that when you are pregnant your body produces a hormone called relaxin that messes with your balance. Also remember to breathe correctly when you are exercising.

Having exercises with the pregnancy ball can make childbirth a lot easier for women, not to mention that this way the process will become less painful. The muscles of the legs, pelvic area and of the back will be toned that also helps women on the big day.

When you get to the point of bringing the child to the world, you could bring your own birthing ball to the hospital, or you could use the one supplied by it. When you are in labor you will see that the ball is something crucial, especially because you aren’t able to move around freely because of the IV and the tethers.

Most probably labor will last for hours, and sitting on a pregnancy ball may be a good alternative to spending all your time lying in bed. When you sit on the birthing ball you will see that you can make a movement that helps the baby descend.


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