Fun and Interesting Pregnancy Reads for You to Enjoy

Pregnancy is a time that women can really enjoy, equally it can be a time when the head is fairly buzzing with questions of all sorts; and a time when a woman is impatiently waiting for the time to pass before that much awaited bundle of joy arrives.

What better way to pass the time than to read about the ongoing miracle of pregnancy – to find out new and interesting pregnancy facts and be entertained at the same time?

Here are some great pregnancy reads that you may enjoy even if they are not quite in the same vein as classics such as What to Expect when Expecting –

The Pregnancy Test: 150 Important, Embarrassing, and Slightly Neurotic Questions

Pregnancy BooksIt is a list of pregnancy questions compiled by authors Melissa Heckscher (described as “former paranoid pregnant woman, now paranoid mother”) and Ob-Gyn Dr. Emily Sikking.

The book asks and answers questions that may occur to anyone, pregnant and otherwise; such as “my baby is about a pound – why do I weigh 15 lb more?”, “Can I drink coffee when pregnant” “Can I pump my own gas?”, and also others such as “Can one twin hurt the other when still inside?”, “Do babies cry in the womb”, “Will my diet determine the sex of my baby?”

The book offers common sense advice right alongside plain and simple common sense.

Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth

This book is by Jenny McCarthy. McCarthy may be better known as former Playboy Magazine model and current TV and film actress but her book about pregnancy and childbirth is funny, irreverent and entertaining and aimed at making women feel like they’re not alone in their pregnancy journey.

In this book she is not shy of speaking about all that is good bad and ugly about pregnancy and speaks plainly of her experiences, embarrassing and otherwise.  She discusses issues that other books may be too polite to discuss and is refreshing and candid in her recounting of her experiences.

The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy

This work by Vicky Iovine is another funny and reassuring guide to pregnancy that speaks in a friendly and conversational tone rather than a didactic and sermonizing one. One reader describes the book as a “great comfort” for women who find pregnancy difficult, and “a delightful antidote to the dry, frightening pregnancy books that flood the market”.

It speaks of the contradiction of being told not to get fat and then being told that you shouldn’t mind the weight during pregnancy.

You may think of getting these fun and interesting books for a friend who is pregnant; who may appreciate the irreverent humor mixed with sage advice offered by these books.


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