The 6 Gadgets to Buy when Pregnant

Gadgets have become dominant in our world today. Everybody is using gadgets to make life easier or make life more comfortable or make it more luxurious. Well then why should pregnant women be any different, there are numerous gadgets and devices which are meant to one up the lives of women who are pregnant or who have just become new mothers. There are gadgets for almost every important aspect of life in those few months. And there are gadgets both for use by the mothers or for the use of the tots.

So here is the list of the few of the most useful gadgets that you can opt for:

gadgets to buy when pregnant1. Blood Pressure Monitor

There are many complications and additional medical conditions that arise with or during the pregnancy. One such severe problem is the blood pressure troubles which need to be monitored and in this case a handy blood pressure monitor would be a great gadget to have.

2. Heart Rate Monitors

For all those who find it very difficult to go through the anxious one month before their next doctor’s appointment to listen to the baby’s heart beat, are going to love this gadget. The gadget is meant to help one listen to and even (at times) record the heart beat of the baby in the mother’s womb.

3. Sanitizing Wand

Being pregnant means you got to be sure of clean surroundings and other hygienic stuff. A sanitizing wand will get half or most of that work done for you. whenever you are out and want to make sure the place is clean all you have to do is pull out the want and run it over the areas, the UV lights will clean up all the unhygienic bacteria/ viruses. Also this device can be used even after baby is born to achieve just the perfect hygienic surrounding.

4. Baby Monitor

The perfect way to keep an eye on the new born- the baby monitor. These monitors come with a variety of features and hence give the parents an option of pick out the one most suitable for them. The monitor will record every movement of the baby which can be viewed by the parents, in real time.

5. Baby Kick Tracker

Another unique useful gadget that makes it very easy for the mother to keep track of the movement of the baby inside her belly. The tracking of this info can be very useful and is now very easy to do. All you got to do is get one of these and make note every time you feel a tick in your stomach.

6. Digital Baby Day Planner

Keen on planning everything that you need to do the next day, or need to get done during the course of your pregnancy? And do not want to lay awake at nights with these thoughts? Then all you need is a digital planner where you can record and register all that is needed to be done.


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