Gifts For Pregnant Women – Some Common And Uncommon Ideas

Whether it is a baby shower that you need to get a gift for, or whether it is that you want to find something nice and thoughtful for someone close to you, gifts for pregnant women, can be something that requires some application of mind.

Ideally it should be something useful, something that will be appreciated and something that she doesn’t already have lots of.

Here are some ideas for gifts for pregnant women that you may like –

Pampering Gifts

gifts for pregnant womenGive her a chance to get pampered with a spa coupon, a hair or a beauty treatment or something like that.

This will offer comfort from the pregnancy aches and pains, and also take her mind off the any stresses or discomforts that she is undergoing. Also, very soon, she will be in a situation that leaves her very little time for herself, so let her make the best of the time that she has now, to get in some pampering.

Flowers for just no reason at all are also a great gift for a pregnant woman. They can make her feel special, pampered and cosseted.

Also good quality body lotions to help reduce appearance of stretch marks, luxurious soaps or bathing gels, fragrances, etc, that are suitable for pregnant women are also good ideas.

However you should make sure of her preferences at this time however – there may be certain fragrances of items that she is averse to during her pregnancy.

Comfort gifts

As the size of the pregnant belly increases so will the discomfort and aches that a pregnant woman suffers. So it is a good idea to get her gifts that make things easier for her – a Pregnancy Pillow, a Maternity Support Belt, Support Stockings (to help prevent varicose veins), comfy slippers and robes, a recliner etc are all good ideas. This is one good idea as far as gifts for pregnant women are concerned.

Practical gifts

Get her a subscription to a pregnancy and new born magazine or buy her pregnancy and neonatal care books that will offer useful tips and tell her what to expect at each stage of her pregnancy and also after.

Another good idea is to get her a pregnancy journal or scrap book or a pregnancy organizer – this is to help her record each stage of her pregnancy, to help her record the usual and the unusual, and to create memories for a lifetime.

Gifts of Indulgence

Clothes are something most women love, and stylish maternity clothes make good gifts for pregnant women. Get her the sort that is stylish and svelte enough that they will not become useless as soon as the baby arrives. Clothing in straight or flowing lines in soft fabrics can be used by her ever after she loses her baby bump.

Jewelry is something else with which you cannot go wrong. It can be something simple in imitation jewelry or a really valuable piece if it is someone really close and important to you.

The idea is that when it comes to gifts for pregnant women; get something that is special and only for HER, and something that she will really appreciate.


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