How To Select Petite Maternity Clothes?

Pregnant women of all sizes want to hide their oversized bellies in proper maternity clothing, pajamas and tracksuits.

One of the most inconvenient things you will face during pregnancy is modifying your dress in order to accommodate your increasing belly.

Today there are a wide variety of clothing options to fit your needs.

Find clothes that show off your belly and also ones that hide your belly rather than flaunt it.maternity clothes

What type of maternity clothes to wear and when?

During the first trimester, you can wear most of your pre-pregnancy clothes. Don’t wear form-fitting or tight jeans because they can harm your growing unborn baby.

Skirts and pants with elastic waists, clothes without waistlines and oversized clothing provide you with wonderful support.

There is a need for maternity clothing from the fifth month onwards. It is better to buy monochromatic tops and bottoms that are specially designed for petite women.

Look for a single color effect as they can make you look a little taller and slimmer. Also, choose high-neck or boat-neck tops as they will highlight your slim shoulders. Don’t choose horizontal stripes, particularly during the second half of the healthy pregnancy.

For a casual look, buy a pair of black pants and a short or long black skirt. A cotton jumpsuit is also a wonderful choice that cuddles your body and has additional space in the middle.

If you’re catering for a special occasion, wear a full-length dress rather than a short or knee-length one. A full-length dress makes you appear taller and frames your figure.

When you are going to buy maternity clothing, don’t choose layered ones; instead go for a slim silhouette.

There are a few things to consider when buying maternity clothing. They include:

  • Don’t buy clothing with heavy and big prints.
  • Select light and airy material as they can give you a fresh look.
  • Along with the right maternity clothing, wearing the right accessories is also an important consideration for looking great.
  • A short-framed person should choose delicate jewelry and long necklace.
  • Don’t use oversized bags because they can make you look heavy.
  • Wearing loosely tied scarves can give you a dramatic look.
  • Also, don’t buy too much maternity clothing.

Tips to choose the right maternity clothes

  • Practical is better than fashionable. Don’t go for stylish maternity clothes, instead opt for comfortable ones.
  • Choose cotton clothes. Cotton clothes reduce the affect of itchiness and allow your body to breathe easily. Most pregnant women complain that maternity clothes cause rashes and other skin reactions [Itchy skin rash].
  • Buy the maternity clothes that support your growing baby. Buy clothes for future use as your belly continues to grow until the last moment. Make sure that the clothes you buy have sufficient room to expand across the waistband.
  • Also, buy measured bras for additional support as your breasts increase in size to support breastfeeding.


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