Fond of Using Perfumes? Know If They are Safe During Pregnancy or Not?

Pregnancy time comes with a lot of no-nos and a lot of essentials which must strictly be followed or incorporated into your daily routine. A lot of pregnant females worry about using perfumes or other fragrances at the time of pregnancy and wonder whether it is safe to use or not. Well to help you know whether it is safe or not to spray perfumes, deos and other body or home fragrances, the following part of the article will prove helpful.

safe to use perfume during pregnancy

  • Just like cosmetics, some of the ingredients that are present in fragrances or perfumes are said to cause certain hormonal defects and skin issues.  Some of these ingredients are hazardous for pregnant females as they tend to reach the baby and may also cause respiratory problems.  Having said that, it is important to know that not all perfumes are dangerous or hazardous but chemicals present in a few of them fall in the category of potential toxins called phthalates.  These toxins are still under research and studied for their possible harmful effects and thus a pregnant female must be cautious with the use of perfumes.
  • A lot of people directly apply perfume to their skin. Females tend to rub perfume on their wrists and on their neck and pregnant women are more likely to react to this as the neck is close to the nose and even the wrist is often brought close to the face. So rather than doing this, one can spray a little perfume in the air and just walk through it to feel its effect.  This way the application of the fragrance will be less concentrated and may not prove harmful for the mother and the baby. You can also apply the perfume on your clothes rather than on your body.
  • What happens during pregnancy is that some females become more sensitive to smell and may even have a problem with some of the normal smells in the house or in their surroundings.  Thus they may react very strongly to perfumes. In such a scenario, if you feel the need to apply a perfume, try shifting to a lighter smell rather than a strong one and opt for those perfumes which use natural products such as citrus ingredients, ginger or just use diluted essential oils. Some oils which have proved themselves as good alternatives to perfumes during pregnancy are rose, lavender, chamomile and cardamom based oils.


  • Many commercially sold perfumes can lead to the aggravation of allergies and may cause headaches as well as nausea.  This happens because during pregnancy, the
    smell receptors are very sensitive during pregnancy even to lighter smells.
  • Some research work in this field has proved that artificial smells of perfumes can cause certain birth defects in fetus.  Therefore a pregnant female must avoid the use, especially during the time of 8 to 12 weeks of gestation because during this time frame, the fetus is the most vulnerable.

Some smells that are discouraged for pregnant women include jasmine, rockrose, peppermint and myrrh.

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