Looks vs. Comfort When Pregnant

The final months of a pregnancy come with their own issues and one of them could be what to wear? Your regular clothes don’t fit you properly and seem to emphasize all the wrong curves.

Also they may not be very comfortable to wear. Most women don’t like the idea of wearing loose t-shirts and baggy trousers as it makes them look frumpy. So we are looking for clothes that are stylish, make your curvier body look sexy and yet be comfortable.

It may sound like a tall order, but is actually not that difficult to achieve. The first step would be to visit a maternity shop that will have plenty of clothes to suit your growing body.

Pregnancy DressesLook for comfortable pants that have elastic bands to accommodate your growing tummy. A black pant is a good choice as you can team it with colorful blouses.

Otherwise look for dresses and shirts in bright and beautiful colors as it is the time to be happy and one should avoid morbid colors like black.

You can also team short jackets with long shirts, it will make your upper torso look longer thus taking away from the heavier middle. Similarly dresses with all over prints will help take away attention from your heavy breasts and baby tummy.

You can also look for cloth bands on dresses to help give more support.

Avoid wearing tops that show your navel and tummy, as they are neither comfortable nor aesthetic. Similarly avoid short dresses that end above your knees or just below the underwear. Britney may prefer them, but they really don’t look good on a mother to be.

And yes… you seriously need to pack those high heels away for some time. Choose flats or even smaller heels, so that you don’t look wobbly when walking. Also it is quite dangerous to be wearing high heels, as one can easily lose balance.


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