Celeb Tips to Rock Maternity Fashion

One of the important aspects of pregnancy is maternity wear, since it can help a mother to be look and feel good, and also help her be as comfortable with her growing belly as possible.

Carrying of that burgeoning pregnant belly can be a bit of an art that many celebrities seem to carry off effortlessly. Here are some celeb tips for maternity wear and pregnancy fashion that you could use –

Actress Selma Blair was seen rocking the tropical maternity dress recently when she was spotted wearing a casual green long dress printed with palm trees. The spaghetti straps draw attention to shoulders and the deep neck is flattering. A short sleeved open jacket completes the ensemble.

Maternity FashionSimilar maternity dresses with a knot front, an empire waist, a halter neckline as so on can be flattering and comfortable for pregnant women to wear.

Angelina Jolie had cornered the market on max dresses when pregnant, making those really trendy even among non pregnant women. The hall marks of her dressing style during pregnancy were comfortable cuts and a deep and flattering neckline.

The tunic top is another fashionable and versatile item of maternity clothing that many pregnant celebs seem to favor.  Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani were often spotted in a range of tunic tops that flatter curves and prevent the pregnant woman resembling a tent!

Another thing that many celebs such as Gwen Stefani and Camilla Alves seem to do very effectively is use a belt to create interesting effects with a pregnant belly.

Depending upon the cut of the top, or what feels comfortable to the woman, the belt can be teamed with a long top and can be tied above or below the belly to give definition and an attractive shape to the torso.

The kind of prints and colors and the style of fabic that are chosen for maternity wear by celebs may have a helping hand from skillful celebrity stylists, but other pregnant women can take leaf out of their book as well.

By picking pretty colors, and cheerful uplifting prints, women may find their outlook turn sunnier! Pretty florals are always a good idea, light pastels can be particularly effective in summer and light non fussy fabrics are cool and comfortable to wear.

And yes it’s OK to show some cleavage and look sexy when pregnant, as the very pregnant Marley Shelton had showed some time back when she had appeared on the red carpet in a long red dress, which presented ample cleavage and a large pregnancy belly in all its glory!

Remember many men find that women look their sexiest when pregnant; so why not play up your assets at this cherished time of your life!


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