Maternity Wear: What To Buy And From Where

Maternity wear is something that you should indulge in for reasons of practicality as well as to look attractive and give you just that little boost of confidence that you may well need.

So what are some of the maternity essentials that you should be looking for when you decide to go maternity shopping?

Well you can get some basics such as a pair of jeans, a pair of cargo pants, and a smart skirt which you can mix and match with a variety of fitted Tees, empire waisted tops, some smart but roomy shirts etc.

Plus you could get a couple of smart dresses which you can use for when you are going out for the evening. And where to buy? We did some research for you:

belly dance maternity clothing

Now a basic black top like this one here is both smart and comfortable. The Vee neckline is flattering for your burgeoning breasts, the high empire waistline accentuates your baby bump, hugging it so you look pregnant and not fat. This one is on sale right now; you can get it for $45 down from $76.

pregnancy dress

Now this red number is bound to lift anyone’s spirits, and would be ideal for a pregnant woman who believes that that she needs to party a bit! Made from rayon spandex, this dress is made from the kind of stretchy material that takes the shape of your body so that when you get back your figure after the baby arrives, you can still perhaps wear it! Check out the smart red pregnancy dress here for $129.

casual camouflage maternity capris

A pair of these casual camouflage maternity capris may be just the thing that you could use to lounge around the house on a weekend or to the market or when you are busy getting the nursery in shape for junior. They belt below the waist so they put no pressure on your ever expanding belly.

white belted cargo maternity pants

These stylishly cut white belted cargo maternity pants have a smart below the waist tie and they can be dressed down with a casual tee or a tank, and they can equally as easily be dressed up with a smart or formal top. Versatile and stylish, go anywhere pants for the expectant mom.

So go ahead and pick out the styles that suit not just your body type but also your personality. Let pregnancy not be a time when you hide away your newly beautiful body and your changing shape.


  1. Great guide for the pregnant women that are shopping for maternity wear for the very first time.i really appreciate it!That red pregnancy dress is simply stunning.I’ll buy that dress for sure.


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