Music For Your Unborn Baby

These Bellybuds, Pregnancy Belly phones could be a great thing for those of us who know that music can benefit even the unborn baby.

Many mothers to be are able to tell that their baby seems to quiet down and become calm upon hearing music and even when in the womb, may display a preference for one piece of music over another.

bellybuds pregnancy bellyphones

This product is not one of those that have music pre programmed for baby, but is basically just a pair of headphones or rather belly phones. So you can pick the kind of music you want to have the baby listen to.

The phones are required to be placed on the mother’s belly, to be heard only by the baby. They come equipped with hydro gel rings that help affix the phones and keep them in place.

Also if the baby is listening to the kind of music that is your favorite as well, mother can listen to it. There is an audio splitter that lets the mother, or any other person listen to the music as well.


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