Nursing Bras – The Lowdown

Among the many preparations that you will be making as your due date comes closer is purchase of nursing bras, this is a purchase best made before the baby’s arrival rather than after.

If you do decide to get nursing bras for yourself, do it when you have gained most of your pregnancy weight, but don’t leave it too late, this is a job that is best done by you; a panicked husband or well meaning friend may not be able to do it as well as you would wish.

Usually two nursing bras and one nursing tank top should be enough to be getting along with.pregnant

Though many women find that their regular bras will do just as well, and that there is no need for a special nursing bra, you would need to decide, if you are breastfeeding whether a nursing bra is required or if a regular bra will do just as well.

Since many women may go up a cup size or two during and soon after pregnancy, they find that they have to get new bras anyway, and prefer to get nursing bras which facilitates easier breast feeding.

Nursing bras are different from regular bras in that they offer extra support at a time when the breasts are heavier and fuller. They also offer the option of unfastening only a portion of the cup which is usually a flap that fastens over the breast near the shoulder strap.

So with a nursing bra you don’t have to remove the bra, all you have to do is undo the flap which will uncover the nipple area so many women find this very convenient. Others however do find it as convenient to simply slip off one of the straps of the bra to get the job of breastfeeding underway.

Nursing bras are of many different kinds, and come in soft cup, underwire, seamless etc. There are nursing bras with or without flaps. Those with flaps work in the obvious way; those without are designed to be pushed up or to the side when it’s feeding time.

Underwire nursing bras could work very well for some women but just a note of caution there, if the underwire digs into the tissue at the base of the breast, it could clog a milk duct for the first few weeks of breastfeeding, it is generally recommended that a soft cup nursing bra be used.

So hunt around a bit and get a proper fit; a good support nursing bra may make the task of breastfeeding that little bit more comfortable and enjoyable.


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