Pregnancy Announcement Cards – How To Announce Your Good News?

Expectant parents are likely to be so pleased with their happy news of being pregnant, that they may want to announce it to the world. And in doing so, pregnancy announcement cards can come in handy.

After all, being pregnant is not just about the physical state but is also an emotional time and one that can change a couple’s world dramatically. It is therefore only natural that people want to announce their news to friends and family in a special way.

pregnancy announcement cardsIt isn’t just that it has become a bit of a trend to send pregnancy announcement cards to announce once good news; it also makes practical good sense to inform people about this.

It could well be that upon knowing your news; people may pass on baby items that they never used, of which their baby outgrew without using much etc. This could translate to significant savings when it comes to buying stuff for you new born baby.

It is possible to create one’s own pregnancy announcement cards using simple software on your own computer, or you can buy them online; the sort that are ready to send, or the sort that have been customized to your requirements.

And starting on a project such as this may likely divert your mind from the common problems and the discomforts that pregnancy can bring with it. Apart from all else, it can be great fun!

This Pregnancy Announcement Card design from Amazon announces on the outside – “Coming Soon…” and on the inside says, “To a Tummy near you.” And below is place to add the due date of baby’s arrival. The cards come with matching envelopes; this can be a cute and humorous way to announce a pregnancy.

Another cute card design from Amazon is this one that features an adorable baby bottom and the words “Guess what?” and on the inside it announces “Baby Butt (We’re Pregnant)” and the due date for baby’s arrival.

Many other kinds of cards are available that can be customizable to include a special message; the mother to be’s picture or similar additions. The cards can be special first time pregnancy cards or alternatively the cards can go out from an older sibling, an elder brother to be or an older sister to be.

And you don’t have to stick to the usual pregnancy announcement cards to make your announcement. You can create a video and post it on YouTube, emailing all friends and family the link to the YouTube video that makes your big announcement.

Make the announcement on Facebook or create a webpage or blog about the big event. Look at our other blog post about when and how to make pregnancy announcements.

Also why not use another really cute idea to make a pregnancy announcement – have T shirts made for all the close family and friends. The T shirts can be for “Grandpa to Be” or “Big Brother to Be” or “aunt to be” and so on.

So go ahead and make the announcement, in one of many fun ways – take your pick from all the pregnancy announcement cards available!


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