Choosing the Right Type of Pregnancy Body Pillow

When it comes to a pregnancy body pillow you should know that you could be using it during the early pregnancy. This is important for your rest, comfort and health.

Specialists say that women should sleep on their left side with their knees bent. This way there will be more oxygen flow to the baby.

Stressful points and a pillow for pregnancy

In case of all women there are some body parts that are under more stress during pregnancy and they may experience pain or aches. The main point of the pillows is to alleviate the stress.

It could help with back support and hip pressure. Before choosing a pregnancy pillow you should know which body parts need the most support.

Pregnancy Body PillowAvailability

Find out about the options that are available on the market. There are many different kinds to choose from.

There are the full body memory maternity pillows that follow the contour of your body and there are the smaller pillows that help a specific part of your body such as back, shoulders and hip.

In some cases it is enough to have a pillow under your belly.


Regarding the choice of the pillow for maternity you could ask for the help of another person who has gone through pregnancy or who is pregnant at the moment.

You could ask your parents, but since their time the technology might have changed, so ask someone who has been recently pregnant.

Regarding the pregnancy body pillow you should know that every woman has different problems, and so the advice you get should only be used as guidance.


There are different kinds of websites that offer information on types of pregnancy body pillow for pregnant women.

It may be good to know what other users have to say about given products. Look for the personal opinions because they are honest and impartial.

Try it on

Just like a piece of clothing, the pregnant women’s pillow should also be tried on before buying it. The majority of the stores allow women to try their products before buying them so you shouldn’t be shy about it. This is an important purchase of your pregnancy, so you shouldn’t feel rushed.

A new position

Before starting to use maternity body pillows you should get used to the position. If you used to sleep on your belly or back then you should start sleeping on your side during the early pregnancy. Start using the pillow before you need it so that you will get used to it.


It is possible that you will find the pillows for maternity a bit expensive, but this is not the time or the place to try to make some economies. Keep in mind that if you get a high quality one you will be able to use it during future pregnancies as well.

As you can see a pregnancy body pillow has a lot to offer to pregnant women, and it may become your best friend during this period.


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