Pregnancy eBook To Help With Common Pregnancy Problems

Common pregnancy problems such as weight gain, sagging breasts, food cravings, stretch marks, morning sickness etc are sought to be addressed by pregnancy fitness expert and holistic coach Michelle Moss in her eBook Pregnancy without Pounds.

The eBook is written from the author’s own experience on how to be healthy and fit during pregnancy. The book is aimed at helping you keep fit during pregnancy keeping weight gain to the required amount and also at helping you lose the pregnancy pounds once the baby arrives. Additionally topic such as these, are covered as well:

  • How to avoid gaining weight in the usual problem areas
  • The best ways to lose the weight gained during pregnancy, soon after the delivery of the baby
  • Managing cellulite during and after pregnancy effectively
  • Preventing swelling and puffiness of the face commonly noted during pregnancy
  • Tips to avoid varicose veins during pregnancy
  • Controlling food cravings that are so much as part of pregnancy
  • Help in avoided acne associated with pregnancy and pregnancy hormones
  • Strengthening the mid section or core of the body which helps in fitness as well as general well being


  1. I’m pregnant with my first child.I think the pregnancy eBook is going to be a great guide to deal with common pregnancy problems.I’ll buy it!Thanks for the information..


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