Pregnancy Support Belt – Its Uses And Different Kinds

Anyone who has undergone a pregnancy will tell you that carrying a baby to term can be a tough job. Managing the extra weight in the belly can be taxing, putting pressure on the body’s organs such as the bladder etc, causing back pain, resulting in varicose veins etc.

Here a pregnancy support belt or a maternity belt can be of great use, to offer support and comfort and prevent pain caused by a pregnant woman’s burgeoning belly.

pregnancy support beltThe pregnancy support belt is usually worn around the back and below the belly – this can help to reduce pain, offer support for the belly, take some of the pressure off the bladder, increase the amount of blood flowing to the pelvis and increase comfort when walking and doing chores.

Some women wear maternity belts all the time, others use them when they are required to stand or walk a lot or when they have to exercise and need the extra support though many women find that they have no need of such a device. In particular women who are carrying multiples may find a special need for such extra support.

Some pregnancy support belts are simple elastic ones while others are more elaborate, adjustable ones, with more than one strap. They may offer more to less support, depending upon your requirements.

If it is back pain that you want to contend with, a wider belt with more support would be called for. On the other hand if it is just for comfort or support a narrower, simpler one would also do.

This Maternity Support Band is made from stretchy lace that comes in small / medium to medium / large sizes. This is a simple, not to wide band, that offers slight abdominal lift to support it, relieving back pain and easing the discomfort of having a lot of weight towards the front of the body.

This maternity support belt comes in different sizes and is fastens with Velcro. This pregnancy support belt has two portions or straps in the front – a narrower one that goes over the belly and another wider one that goes below, offering double support. The Velcro pad is cushioned so that there is no undue pressure. The sale page also claims that the product is able to reduce sciatica pain.

This elastic maternity belt with strong support is considerably broader than many others, particularly around the back, and also claims to support better posture.

It is adjustable so that it can be of use even after the pregnancy, when support for the belly may still be needed by a lot of women. This pregnancy support belt, with extra support may be suitable even for those women who are carrying multiples.

This maternity support belt is designed to ease severe pregnancy backache and comes equipped with an additional belt that goes over the belly.  It is latex free which may make it suitable for those who don’t tolerate latex well.

It is best to speak to one’s care provider to see what pregnancy support belt is the most suitable type and if possible get one that you can continue to use even after the pregnancy.


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