Safe Skin Products to Use While Pregnancy

Most pregnant women pay a lot of attention to what they eat and what they don’t during the time of pregnancy. A lot of them make dietary changes and lifestyle changes to adjust to the needs of the unborn baby. But what a lot of pregnant women do not give too much attention to is what they apply or use on their skin.

Yes, using skin products safely during pregnancy is also something which a female must be aware of. There are several skin creams and lotions which are a strict no-no for a pregnant lady. The following given information will throw more light on the same.

safe skin product to use during pregnancy

  • Most of us tend to use many types of creams and lotions like face cream, body lotion, foot cream, scrubs and oils on our body. But when pregnant, one must remember that many skin products pass the barrier of the skin and get absorbed inside the body.  This absorbed lotion or cream may not be very safe for the baby.
  • Many topical ingredients get mixed with the bloodstream and reach the baby in your belly. Thus care must be taken so as to use only pregnancy-safe skin products. Doctor’s consultation is a must before using creams, lotions, foundations and other makeup products.

The Following are Some Skin Products Which are not Safe During Pregnancy:

  • RETINOIDS– Retinoid is a powerful substance which is found in a number of anti-aging creams and helps in the improvement of the skin tone and prevents wrinkles.  Basically, retinoid are a kind of Vitamin A which speeds up the process of skin division and are helpful in the prevention of skin collagen from breaking down. However beneficial may retinoid be but these must be kept away from pregnant women.  Many studies have proved that high dosage of Vitamin A is harmful for the unborn baby and several oral retinoid have resulted in birth related defects.  But do no panic if you are pregnant and using retinoid based cream as using this in lower amounts or in its topical form hasn’t shown to cause any problems.
  • SALICYLIC ACID– Salicylic acid is a mild acid which is found in a number of skin products as it helps in treating certain kinds of skin disorders. You will find salicylic acid commonly in toners and cleansers.  But a pregnant lady must avoid any products which contain this acid because it tends to penetrate inside the skin and enter deep into the pores.  It sure does help in reducing inflammation and redness but is a no-no for any woman who is pregnant. It is important to note down high dosage of salicylic acid in oral form can cause birth related defects and even some complications associated with pregnancy.

At the same time, one must know that if you use salicylic based products topically once or twice a day, then you are at no possible risk or threat.  Many doctors ask pregnant women to avoid using face peels and body peels containing salicylic acid because these tend to soak in.

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