Style Tips for Your Baby Bump

Singer and TV reality show star Jessica Simpson is among the most visible pregnant celebs right now. And what is making ripples is the fact that Jessica Simpson is not wearing any maternity clothes because she is turned off by what is currently available for pregnant women.

Being less than impressed by the maternity wear that is currently available, the singer said that she will be launching her own maternity line soon.

While she looks for comfort and currently shops for larger sizes, she is not going ahead and buying specific maternity wear because she feels she can probably do a better job!

Style Tips For Baby BumpHowever since the rest of us are not Jessica Simpson and don’t have the luxury of launching a clothing line because we don’t like what’s available, we have to get maternity dressing tips where we can.

A new line of maternity wear called “Suits your belly” is aimed at working women who are pregnant and who still want to look good.

Some professional and elegant looking options are tailored wool cashmere suits and pants, and separates such as pants that expand with the waistline, curve fitting shirts and so on.

The pants have a ‘zip in panel’ that will let the pants expand along with a woman’s pregnant belly.

Rent maternity clothing

But what if you don’t want to buy maternity clothing at all? After all it’s only 9 months (less actually because you really need maternity clothing only for the second half of your pregnancy) for which you typically end up spending a bomb! Well for those who do not want to spend a bomb, there is another option: you can rent maternity clothing for a few months!

You can borrow or buy maternity clothing from sites such as Mine for Nine or Fashion Forward Maternity. You can pay a far smaller amount to borrow from the selection of clothing which you can then ship back when you’re done with it.

A collection of pants and skirts, tops, shirts, suits, dresses and evening wear is available for women who are expecting.

The service is to obviate the problems of pregnant women being constrained to buy just a few maternity items and then repeating them day in and day out. You can browse through the maternity closet to pick what suits your size, style and preference and borrow by the month or for longer. Whether you want just one thing or many, you can borrow rather than buy!


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