The Belly Wrap Or Belly Band – How Does It Work?

Binding the belly of a woman post delivery is actually not a new or a secret concept, whatever Brooke Burke may have you believe.

So what is a belly band or wrap and how does it work?

The Belly wrap is a broad belt that has to be worn about the waist and stomach area after childbirth, with the idea that it will help bring back in shape the loose skin folds of the stomach.belly wrap

Belly wraps are supposed to be for all those women who despair at the amount of loose and sagging skin that is left behind after the baby is born whereas in the earlier days women would have wrapped a broad cloth band, we now have a choice of all these girdle like items that claim to give back your pre pregnancy shape; to tighten and ‘shrink’ your belly.

To be sure these have had mixed results and some of them say that their products are not recommended or women who have undergone a c section delivery, but some recommend use even after a C section. There are many of these to make a choice from:

The Tauts, as promoted by Brooke Burke come in two variants; the frilly or lacy kind that retails for $62 and the unadorned kind for $56.

This product claims to reduce the “size of the swollen uterus, water retention in the belly, and helps you lose inches fast, all while supporting that unwanted baggy baby skin.” It is recommended that this belly wrap should be worn as much as possible, 40 days immediately following delivery.

The Velcro belly wrap, would typically be made of cotton and can be worn post a c section as well. The Velcro makes the size adjustable; however this could be visible beneath your clothes.

The Complete pull up wrap is the kind with built in underwear so that it fits snugly and seamlessly. This is not adjustable and will become less useful the flatter your belly becomes.

Half Pull up wrap: This is made of expandable cotton and does not have underwear attached. It is usually fairly comfortable and isn’t obvious underneath the clothes.

The Button up waist clincher is usually made of rubber with a cotton lining. This is fairly tight and is not advisable to be used after a c section.

Post surgical girdles can also work well as a belly wrap to be used post delivery.


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