What Is A Pregnancy Pillow? Do You Need It?

The Pregnancy pillow, also sometimes called the back and belly or body pillow is something that many pregnant women may be considering.

A pregnancy pillow is a rather like an extra, extra long bolster pillow that can fit your body contours, so that it fits the way that you like in order that you may get maximum support for your changing shape.

Pregnancy Pillow

Why during Pregnancy?

When pregnant, a woman’s body changes very much and very rapidly. The growing belly means that much weight is suddenly concentrated in the front of the body where earlier there was none.

Balance becomes a problem. Backache becomes a problem because of having to carry the unaccustomed weight and due to the fact that the woman’s center of gravity shifts.

Many pregnant women have trouble getting sleep during the night as well. Various other aches and pains manifest themselves during a pregnancy, either from hormonal changes or otherwise: legs can ache from carrying around the extra weight, swollen ankles could be a problem due to water retention.

How can it help?

A pregnancy pillow can help tide over or at least ease some of these discomforts. It is something that can give support to your growing belly; and also gives support to ease low back pain. If a woman suffers from swollen ankles during pregnancy, she is usually advised to rest with her feet slightly elevated.

A pregnancy pillow can help with doing this as well; it can help you sleep comfortably even with your feet elevated. Many women find that a pregnancy pillow that gives support to the back and the belly at the same time makes for restful sleep.

It can also be used in other parts of the house for instance if you want to curl up with a good movie or book on the living room couch, it can help you recline comfortably there as well.

After the baby arrives some find use for the pillow as a nursing pillow as well; as a support for the baby while breast feeding. In the alternative the pillow can be given away to a friend or a relative who can then use it for Fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis pain or back, neck and shoulder pain.

So the pregnancy pillow can have its uses even after you are done with your pregnancy. Amazon stocks pregnancy pillows for under $50 if you want to know where you may get one.


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