What To Look For In A Pregnancy Pillow?

The various aches, pains and discomforts that pregnancy brings with it, can be reasonably soothed using a number of different products. Among these, the pregnancy pillow is something that many women swear by as an aid to sleeping comfortably and soundly.

The right pregnancy pillow can offer support, comfort and flexibility for the pregnant woman. There are however, several different kinds of pregnancy pillows, how do you select the right one? Here is some information about pregnancy pillows:

Why a pregnancy Pillow?

You could try a pillow wedge, or a memory foam pillow or a body pillow, but many women find however that these do not offer adequate support for the burgeoning belly and for the back as well.

Which are the different types of pregnancy pillows?

Generally speaking, there are three types of pregnancy pillows: the J shaped pillow, the U shaped pillow and the C shaped pillow.

The J shaped pillows are the ones that offer the least support, and many women believe that though these are marketed as pregnancy pillows, they aren’t actual pregnancy pillows at all. Since they are curved only at one end they don’t offer all round support.

The C shaped pillow offers more support, with support for the head and shoulders as well as support for the legs. You can use it to support your back or bring it forward to support your belly.

Many women find that the best kind of pregnancy pillow is the U shaped one, which offers support to the back as well as to the belly at the same time. This kind of pillow is also known as the ‘Back and Belly Body Pillow’.

With this kind of pillow, a pregnant woman can sleep on either side or on her back while still getting support and elevation for her head so that she can battle heart burn at the same time.

Things to look for in a pregnancy pillow:

A pregnancy pillow should be flexible, so that it can be used even after the baby has arrived. After the delivery it can double as a nursing pillow, providing support to the baby so both mommy and baby is comfy. It could also be used as a recliner for the infant or a chair for a toddler. Let it be an investment that you can use later as well.

Look for pregnancy pillows with removable slip covers so you can wash them as frequently as you desire.



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