Why Maternity Support Hose May Be A Good Idea?

maternity support hoseFor reasons of comfort, support as well as to address certain health risks, many women find that a maternity support hose, specially constructed pantyhose is a good investment.

This is a variation of the idea of compression stockings which are used for similar reasons.

There are several reasons why women choose to buy and use maternity support hose during pregnancy:

  • Maternity support hose may help to prevent varicose veins which can be very unsightly and are a common occurrence during pregnancy.
  • It is also claimed by manufacturers that these products may be able to reduce the risk of blot clots.
  • As the belly starts to enlarge it can cause feelings of pressure and pain. Since these specialized pantyhose have more built in support, they can offer relief and support, reducing discomfort for the pregnant woman.
  • Swelling of the feet or ankles due to water retention is also common during pregnancy and these special stockings can help.
  • Cramps are also common during pregnancy and could also be helped by these.

A website such as Maternity support hose could offer several options in terms of color or material desired.


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