When Can You Get an Abortion?

Having an abortion is always an important decision and this is why you should gather the most information possible regarding when can you get an abortion. Remember that you are against time in this case because as the pregnancy progresses the number of options that you have decreases.

When can you have an abortion?

Each country has different laws regarding abortion. Generally speaking it is legal to have your pregnancy ended until the 24th week of pregnancy. However the majority of the abortions take place during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy because they are easier and safer to perform.

When Can You Get an AbortionIf you are thinking about getting an abortion the best thing you can do is to talk to a professional as soon as possible. Nonetheless there are some exceptions. If the mother’s life is threatened by the pregnancy or if the baby would have some kind of disability, the abortion could be performed later as well.


After you had your first appointment and you asked when can you get an abortion you shouldn’t have to wait for a long time. In the majority of the cases the waiting time is of maximum 3 weeks, but it is best to have the procedure as soon as possible so that the procedure will be easier.


The truth is that the women who want to have an abortion are rarely refused. It is true that your doctor could have moral objections. If this is the case he or she is supposed to refer you to another doctor who will be able to perform the procedure in a timely manner.

You have to be prepared when asking when can you get an abortion that it is difficult to find a doctor if the pregnancy is in the later stages so if you want to have the procedure you should act fast. According to the law, there is need for two doctors who say that you can have the abortion procedure.

In the majority of the cases, the women thinking about the time of the abortion will see the first doctor at the beginning and the second doctor will actually perform the procedure. It is also possible that the abortion will be performed by a doctor who is working at the community hospital or contraceptive clinic.


When asking when can you get an abortion, you should know that all the information that you offer to your doctor will be confidential and nobody will ever find out about it. You can also ask the hospital not to inform your GP. The doctor won’t talk to the parents, not even if the patient is under 16.

However, in case of the young women looking for an abortion the doctor will suggest that the parents should also be involved or some other adult. However it isn’t a must to have anybody involved.

Now you can see that the answer to the question when can you get an abortion is that you should have the procedure as soon as possible.


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