Is Aspartame Safe During Pregnancy?

We are surrounded by artificial sweeteners, and the most popular of them is Aspartame. Usually it can be found in the low-carb products.

The advantage of it is that it is sweeter than sugar and it lasts longer in the mouth. But is Aspartame safe during pregnancy?

Aspartame During PregnancyIs it safe during pregnancy?

As a short answer to this question: yes, it is safe during pregnancy, but there are some other facts that women have to consider.

The substance is often found in diet sodas and drinks that aren’t safe during pregnancy. Also keep in mind that whatever you have during your pregnancy, the baby has it as well.

During pregnancy, it isn’t such a good idea to have low-carb foods because the future mothers need calories and other nutrients for themselves and for the baby.

The artificial sweeteners of this kind could also contain caffeine that isn’t good for the mother and the baby.

Facts regarding having aspartame during pregnancy

The women who are affected by phenylketonuria have higher chances of being affected by complications if they have aspartame in their diet.

In the more severe cases, having aspartame could lead to brain damage both in case of the mother and the child. It is known that the consumed sweetener breaks down into phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol that are considered to increase the risks of the babies having birth defects.

In the same time, these substances have also been linked to different kinds of cancers. Some specialists say that the substance could cause aspartame poisoning or other side effects, so having aspartame while being pregnant could lead to increased blood pressure, upset stomach or headache.

Nonetheless according to the FDA, aspartame is a safe substance and even pregnant women can consume it in the foods that they have.


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