Is Benzoyl Peroxide Safe During Pregnancy?

There are a lot of different changes going on during the pregnancy, and so women may be asking whether is it safe to use benzoyl peroxide during pregnancy.

Benzoyl Peroxide During Pregnancy Some of the changes are the skin changes caused by the hormones that lead to acne and that is treated with the help of this substance.

Information about benzoyl peroxide

This is the substance that can be found in the majority of the subscription medication for acne. Before you start using any kind of medications, you should talk to your health care provider first.

Benzoyl peroxides acts through stopping the effects of the bacteria that is known to cause the acne breakouts.

Benzoyl peroxide and pregnancy

The main point of the substance is that it oxidizes and sterilizes the pores so that they won’t clog and there will be no lesions. This way it is possible for mothers to have a blemish-free skin during their pregnancy. The effects of the substance can be seen only in case of long term and consistent use.

Keep in mind regarding the product that it only treats the problem, it doesn’t cure it. The truth is that there hasn’t been substantial research done regarding its effects on pregnant women, but it is said to be safe since only about 2% of it is absorbed into the system that is too little to do any harm to the baby.

Nonetheless it is known to be a category C drug and this means that benzoyl peroxide hasn’t been tested on animals or humans. Also there is no available information regarding whether the substance can pass to the breast milk as well.

It is possible to use benzoyl peroxide while being pregnant but the best thing you could do is to ask your health care provider about the medication.


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