How to Care for a C Section Incision

The majority of women would like to avoid a C-section incision. The C-section is considered to be a major surgery.

Nonetheless the women who want to know in advance when they will give birth might decide to schedule a C-section to make sure that they will actually give birth at that time.

C Section Incision

Information regarding the C-section scar

Don’t forget that you go through childbirth through C-section as well, so the amount of stress on the body gets doubled. As a result you will have all the normal postpartum symptoms, such as afterpains, lochia, engorgement, perennial pain, and postpartum fatigue.

Besides all this because of the incision from the C-section you will also feel pain around the incision. The good news is that the pain lasts for only a few days. However, even when the pain passes, you will experience some discomfort around the incision site for weeks after childbirth.

When you are recovering from your C-section incision most probably you will have problems with bending over and sitting up and most probably you will experience some itching around the scar. Constipation can make your situation even worse, but the good news is that there are some things you could do to make yourself feel better.

Handling the scar from the C-section


After the C-section you should take medication to make the pain better. If you will be nursing, you don’t have to worry about this because the medication doesn’t get into the colostrum. You may take the over the counter pain medication that your doctor recommends.

Gas buildup

If you have a C-section incision gas buildup can become really uncomfortable because the intestines put pressure on the scar so you should do your best to avoid this situation. Remember that anesthesia slows down the bowel activities so your job can become quite difficult.

Even if you have a caesarean section incision you can use the regular tricks to avoid gas. Besides this you may also try to walk a bit or to lie on your back or your left side and draw your knees up while holding your hands on the scar and taking deep breaths.


When having a C-section incision constipation is another thing that you want to avoid. In order to succeed you will have to relax, take a few short walks and stay properly hydrated. In some cases the doctors prescribe a mild laxative or stool softener.

Protect the incision

You have to be really careful with your caesarean section scar. You shouldn’t be carrying things except for the baby. When you are nursing or cuddling it is a very good idea to place a pillow on the incision site to protect it. Make sure that you don’t wear any tight clothes because they might rub against the scar.

It is important to take care of the C-section incision otherwise it could get irritated, inflamed or even infected and this is something that you want to avoid no matter what.


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